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Sunken In Ground Swimming Pools

Sunken Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools United Kingdom have some above ground pools that can be sunk to give a level deck and inground Swimming pool appearance.

By burying them part in and part out of the ground or almost completely, a sunken pool can be bought and installed for a lot less money than an ordinary inground swimming pool. They look beautiful landscaped and surrounded with decking or paving.

How to sink your Swimming pool

A hole is dug with a gap about one foot all round the pool and the pool erected in it and filled with water. It is then necessary to back fill with a dry sand and cement mix after lining the outside of the walls with polystyrene to protect and insulate the pool.Many of our you may feel confident doing the work yourselves, so the cost of this type of pool is kept low. If you do need help with installation we can recommend an installer in your area who can quote to put in the pool and any landscaping needed. The Swimming pool installers we use are qualified and seasoned Workman

Sunken Swimming Pools Kits

Our Swimming pool kits are mainly Supplied with pump, filter, plumbing, liner & wall system, and either an A-frame ladder, or an inpool deck-ladder which fastens to the deck around the pool and provides steps on the inside of the pool only. The pipework and plumbing is usually solid like an inground pool so that it can be buried, enabling the filtration to be sited away from the pool without visible trailing pipes. The pumps are generally self priming and the sand filters are the same as supplied with inground pools. Most Heaters or accessorys that work with a traditional in ground Swimming pool can also be used with a sunken pool. Some customers even purchase a counter current swim jet so that they can have a small pool but still swim cotinuously without turning.These can be found on our website under pumps.

Typical Sizes

We have an extensive range of fixed sizes, ranging from 12ft diameter circles to 33ft x 18ft ovals. We suggest you measure the space available in your garden or yard and then look at our options and see which pools are available that will fit best for you.  Most oval pools are braceless these days, but you still need to leave about 18 inches along each straight side for underground supports. Braced pools need an extre 3 foot each side.